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Re-Manufactured Cooling Units for Dometic and Norcold RV Refrigerators
All Units include a two-year warranty

If your in the cooling unit business you know most of the time you can't just run down to the store and pick up a new tool when you need it. A lot of the tool we use in this business are specialized and have to be made in a machine shop. Now getting a machine shop to do it is another story. It helps if you have your own machine shop, so we  added a few of the charging tools we make to the web site.   Take a look at our machine shop link on the home page for some of the other services we offer in the machine shop.


Charging Tool $175.00
Valve Stem Tool $75.00
Fiberglass Molds $175.00

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Charging Tool

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  Valve Stem Tool

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 Fiberglass Molds

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  News Flash

News Flash - Changing the cooling unit isn't as difficult as it might appear. There are no special tools required, no welding or solder connections to make, the cooling units simply bolt to the back of the refrigerator.